Britannia Fish Bar upgrade range

Johnson Reed
2m read

Established back in 2005, Britannia Fish Bar has been a popular establishment on Dartford Road for many years. With plenty of passing trade from the main road, a surrounding residential area and many dedicated regular customers, business is thriving for the busy chip shop.

Britannia Fish Bar and the neighbouring Britannia Grill are owned by the busy Saglam family; Yusef and his son, Kanil. With fantastic reviews complimenting quality food and friendly customer service, many would agree with the shop front’s ‘finest fish and chips’ banner!

With food quality at the core of the successful business, Yusef and Kanil decided it was time to upgrade their ageing frying range. Britannia Fish Bar was kitted out with a brand new Hewigo high-efficiency range, complete with new frying pans, a fan-heated chip box and a full length heated top display with a servery counter.

The high-efficiency model brings benefits for Britannia Fish Bar’s environmental footprint; lowering the emissions of fumes and carbon gases, as well as the amount of cooking oil and raw materials needed.

Yusef and Kanil contacted Mark at Johnson Reed to explore the leasing options for their new purchase. Using in-house funds, Mark was able to quickly facilitate the agreement without hassle. By opting to lease, the Saglam family will spread the cost of their new range over a fixed term of tax-efficient repayments. Alongside all the other benefits of the range upgrade, the tax and energy savings can be offset against repayments, helping to regulate cash flow and meet the all-important point of ROI even sooner!

Kanil commented, “Johnson Reed has been very friendly from start to finish. I have never come across such a helpful and efficient leasing company. The process was so easy and fast. I really appreciate it and tell my friends and family to go for leasing if they’re in need, I know for sure they will be happy. Thanks Johnson Reed, keep up the good work!”