Constructing client and supplier partnerships

Johnson Reed
1m read

We recently conducted a small lease funding exercise for a Bristol-based consultancy, specialising in the construction sector. They are a firm founded by construction professionals with wide-ranging experience in development of large contracts and master plan schemes. Their focus is on delivering projects that are viable from a funding perspective. So in effect, they are people with the same philosophy on business life as we have at Johnson Reed.

They needed £3,400’s worth of servers and hard drives to help them keep up-to-date with technology, and they didn’t want to use a bank with the almost obligatory personal guarantees that are required.

With our knowledge of the IT finance sector, we were able to put them in touch with soVision, a complete IT services provider, based in their home town of Bristol. By recommending a specialist supplier like soVision, we could help SRC to focus on running their own business without having to worry about the computer services that support it. And they have all the accredited engineers to make sure that things run smoothly all the time.

The perfect marriage. The client’s happy with getting quality equipment without affecting his cash flow, and the supplier appreciates how easy and straightforward it is to work with Johnson Reed to secure construction leasing.