Building relationships in construction

Johnson Reed
1m read

If you’re a company specialising in steel erections and you’re looking for a construction finance deal, come to Johnson Reed and you’ll find that we’ll rise to the occasion. That’s what we did recently for a construction firm in the Midlands.

When it does get the funding it needs, the construction industry moves quickly and, with modern steelwork fabrication techniques, the results are often very impressive. Just as they move quickly, so they expect their suppliers to as well. In this case, it was a relatively small, simple deal. Just £3,500 needed for a water boiler unit for a heating system, repayable over 36 months.

We didn’t demand a deposit. We didn’t ask for personal guarantees. We just needed some basic information and, with the simplest of paperwork, we were able to turn this request round very quickly, to the client’s obvious pleasure.

The company is now benefiting from keeping up with technology and investing in the latest equipment. They’re improving their internal services and enjoying reduced running costs. Which all goes to prove that Johnson Reed can improve your company’s liquidity by purchasing equipment on your behalf and leasing it back to you. You can crack on with your next high-rise project while we concentrate on some low-hassle financing.