Johnson Reed adds its weight to funding for lending

Johnson Reed
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With commercial mortgages still very difficult to successfully obtain, Johnson Reed is establishing its reputation in the market for providing invaluable assistance to small and medium businesses that are struggling through this seemingly never ending recession.

Proving slow to take off, the newly introduced government scheme aims to encourage the UK’s biggest lenders to stimulate the economy by making cheaper loans available to firms and individuals, through companies like Johnson Reed.

A recent case in point is the Trent Navigation pub in Nottingham. Owned by the GNI Group, we helped them with a cost-effective finance solution, after two other companies had failed to come up with a firm offer in the required time-span. The intention was to raise enough to build a micro brewery in old outbuildings at the back of the premises, as well as restructuring their existing facilities. With our help, the brewery went from shell to a fully functional brewery in just two months. Outside orders for the beers have exceeded all expectations, and the group is planning a further extension.

David Willans of GNI said of the deal,

“In three months we had completed the refinancing deal, which to be honest we had virtually given up on as a bad job, as it had dragged on for 18 months. They kept us informed at every stage of the process and worked on our behalf tirelessly with then bank, to complete the deal. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”