Case Study: Tasty temptations for a super-chippie

Johnson Reed
1m read

We love our fish and chips. And, judging by the number of requests we get to supply frying ranges to these bastions of the catering world, so do you. But not all of our chippie owners are as hungry as others to publicise their businesses to the worldwide web audiences that view our blogs.

A recent case in point is the fish and chip shop for which we supplied finance to the tune of £20,000 for equipment from the leading supplier, Henry Nuttall of Sheffield. But we can’t reveal the name or whereabouts of the establishment so, whatever your business, we’ll take this opportunity to give you some good reasons for chip shop leasing from Johnson Reed.

Most importantly, we will improve your company’s liquidity by purchasing your equipment and leasing it back to you. This gives you many benefits. For example, you can conserve your working capital and put it to use in other more profitable ways, thereby increasing your profitability. It means you can have the equipment you need right now, without affecting your company’s cash reserves. And of course, you can get the very latest kit without the false economy of trying to cut corners with technological advances.

There are lots more tempting reasons to come to Johnson Reed. Next time we’re a bit thin on the ground with one of our case studies, we’ll tell you about some more.