Sean’s Plaice reels in Financing from Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
2m read

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve begun work with a brand new Chip Shop in Runcorn called Sean’s Plaice.

Introduced through an approved supplier, one of the UK’s largest frying range manufacturers Hopkins Catering Equipment Ltd, a family business in Leeds.

Johnson Reed financed Sean with his mother and father, all of them acting as a guarantor in a new start partnership business for a Chip Shop on a housing estate around the corner from Sean’s house in Runcorn.

Once Sean spoke with Johnson Reed director Mark Johnson and explained the opportunity, Mark and Sean met for a hands-on site visit to formally understand Sean’s business rather than request a full business plan, because Sean had no experience in writing.

Johnson Reed’s proven common sense underwriting provided Sean with £29,100 + VAT of chip shop equipment leasing for a new frying range, counter, and catering equipment. Johnson Reed used their own funds to facilitate this to ensure the vendor was paid on time and the customer’s conditions were kept to a minimum.

Sean commented that the business started with very little investment due to its great location and assistance from Johnson Reed, and that he couldn’t have done it without them. No other finance has been taken, Sean’s only commitment are the chip shop equipment lease and building rent.

When the opportunity came around for Sean to lease the property next to his home address Sean jumped at the chance due to its prime location. Sean had been paying the landlord for over 12 months before he secured the correct A5 planning required to open the chip shop. It came as a great relief when Sean could open his doors and finally get the till ringing.