Case Study: Salty’s Fish and Chips Cooking up a storm thanks to Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
1m read

When we were approached by Salty’s Fish and Chip Shop in Mabelthorpe to help them get leasing for a new chip shop frying range of equipment, we knew we could help.

We were asked to provide £35,000 worth of chip shop equipment leasing to Salty’s, with a period of finance of 36 months. Their old frying equipment needed upgrading in order to provide a better service to their customers, reduce waiting times for food, and to comply with local regulations. Our new equipment has meant that they can meet their regulations, reduce costs of using the more gas-efficient equipment, and prove to their customers their commitment on improving their service.

Our deal included no charge on the property itself, with only basic information required from Salty’s in order to get the ball rolling. Our experience in the chip shop sector has made us trusted advisors when seeking chip shop equipment finance, as we can help businesses get finance without having to speak to their bank or use their existing credit lines.

We provided Salty’s with one point of contact during the deal, simple paperwork and prompt feedback on their application. The fixed payment and tax-beneficial leasing has meant that Salty’s can retain more of its working capital to increase profitability in other areas.

Salty’s were kind enough to give us this quote:

Great service, nice to come across a company that understands the sector and how to underwrite quickly.