Case Study: Johnson Reed make The Cod Father an offer they cannot refuse…

Johnson Reed
1m read

Continuing our recent spate of financing new Fish and Chip Shops, Johnson Reed are delighted to announce they have helped new start-up The Codfather secure £25,000 worth of Catering equipment leasing.

Based in Central Handley, Stoke, the new Fish and Chip Shop will have a flying head-start with brand new catering equipment on a leasing term which won’t put pressure on the fledgling business.

Building upon our extensive experience working with Fish and Chip shops, we were able to offer The Codfather leasing benefits they couldn’t get elsewhere. As part of the deal, there was no charge on the property, easing the stress associated with taking finance. We were also able to offer a very fast speed of turnaround, letting them set up and start trading as quickly as possible.

Many catering companies are discovering the advantages of leasing their new catering equipment rather than purchase them outright. For instance leasing allows you to increase your profitability, meaning you can conserve your working capital and put it to use in other more profitable ways. Even better, any rental equipment through leasing is full tax deductable, so why not take advantage of this?