Extra-Curricular Activities

Johnson Reed
2m read

Fry Online Insurance’s development manager, Stuart Knowles, decided to do some extra-curricular activity when he attended a fish frying training course, run by the NFFF.

We realise that to stay in touch with the insurance needs of the fish frying trade, we need to be aware of all the procedures and practices that are being employed in modern fish and chip shop businesses.

Far from being as simple as frying a few fish and chips to make your business successful, there are many more aspects that need to be addressed to create a winning formula for a thriving enterprise. The NFFF training centre made sure I knew the basics of frying fish, and I came away realising there are is so much more to be taken into consideration before I was comfortable with knowing the fish and chip business.

My day started with a lesson in how to fillet a fish correctly, how to make the batter for the fish, the correct way to chip potatoes, ensure the range is correctly prepared and finally how to fry the food. Of course, the work doesn’t end there. My next task was learning how to clean the range along with all the equipment used and finally knowing how to filter the oil from the range.

It did not escape me that filleting fish required a certain aptitude. To be able to quickly and correctly fillet the fish into the right sized portion expected by the customer takes years of practice. Knowing the frying procedures is all well and good I hear you say, but the day was more about giving your insurance broker an understanding of how you, our policy holders, function. Ultimately, we can use this knowledge to tailor our policies to your needs.

We believe that taking part in training courses like this gives us the edge over our competitors and helps us modify our policies to remain relevant to you. We thank the NFFF for allowing us to be part of the fish frying course, and look forward to a successful future with you.