Case Study: Devon-based Chip Shop takes advantage of Johnson Reed’s Equipment Leasing Expertise

Johnson Reed
1m read

We’re often approached by Fish & Chip Shops looking to upgrade their equipment as it gets older, especially as our chip shop equipment leasing deals are very flexible and very manageable – even for small chip shops to take on.

That’s what happened when The Whiddon Valley Fryer contacted us, looking to get equipment leasing for a new frying range. Their old equipment was starting to hamper the efficiency of their operation, so they decided it was time to upgrade to newer high-quality frying range.

We were able to provide a new frying range and new refrigeration units with a value of £35,000 over a period of finance of 36 months, making the cost of the new equipment easier to absorb than outright purchase. £30,000 was injected into a new shop refurbishment, while Johsnon Reed financed the new equipment themselves. This allowed The Whiddon Valley Fryer to streamline their operation and efficiency, and also reduce their gas bill with the newer equipment.

We provided the lease without a deposit from the customer, with no charge on the property, and the ability to get up and running as quickly as possible by only requiring simple paperwork. Mark at the Whiddon Fryer was kind enough to give us this feedback:

I found Johnson Reed to be most helpful when securing my finance, for the purchase of equipment for my new shop. The timescales were tight but in the end everything was completed on time and I would not hesitate to use Johnson Reed again.