A Change in Fortune

Johnson Reed
2m read

Johnson Reed helps give a new lease of life to a derelict Doncaster nightclub

Ken Blow has been busy transforming beer cellars into prep areas, converting bars into a takeaway and replacing dance floors with seating as part of a mammoth refurbishment of a former Doncaster nightclub.

Kenny’s, as the business is now known, has had the mother of all refurbishments going from a derelict 1960s box of a building to a modern fish and chip restaurant and takeaway complete with lowered ceilings, enclosed seating, modern wallpaper and state-of-the-art equipment.

Due to open in the coming weeks, Ken secured a bank loan to cover the purchase of the building and relevant works but was required to source independent funding for the equipment. It was then that he turned to Johnson Reed which arranged funding of the range, furniture, EPOS and the complete kitchen and catering equipment. Totalling £180,000, Johnson Reed was able to utilise four finance companies all financing a piece of equipment each, yet still keep the process – and the paperwork – down to a minimum.

“Johnson Reed has a very professional group of people working for them and having one company who could facilitate everything that I needed quickly and easily was great,” he remarks.

Understanding the fish and chip shop sector, Johnson Reed was also able to negotiate a deal in which Ken could start paying interest on his loan when he requested.

“Until the goods were delivered there was no requirement to pay the suppliers, so it wasn’t a matter of agreeing the finance and starting the payments straight away – it was more on my say so. That’s very important when you are starting up a new business.”

With just a matter of weeks to go before KB Fisheries is complete, Ken is looking forward to putting his open sign up.

“We’ve created a really stunning and modern environment but we remain a traditional chippy, which sells fish and chips made extremely well and which can be enjoyed in extremely smart surroundings,” concludes Ken.