The Rise and Rise of My Cookie Dough

Johnson Reed
1m read

Chocolate and Peanut Butter and Banoffee are just two of the mouth-watering recipes available from My Cookie Dough. The new chain of kiosks currently have bases in large shopping centres across the UK; Cardiff St. David’s, Birmingham’s Bullring and most recently, Leeds’ Trinity. If the menu of weird and wonderful creations doesn’t tempt you on your shopping spree then the smells of the freshly-baked dough will!
Cardiff’s kiosk in St. David’s shopping centre has recently just celebrated its first birthday, and despite opening up two more sites within the year, plans to expand the empire don’t stop there.  My Cookie Dough has received interest from other shopping centres in the UK, in London, Manchester and Glasgow- and no wonder! Across all three existing sites, My Cookie Dough has sold a total of 70,000 dough recipes alone since opening.
We’re delighted that My Cookie Dough has turned to Johnson Reed for their financing needs for each of their three sites. Through simple leasing agreements, each kiosk was kitted out with their all-important baking ovens and ice cream machines.
The team were pleased with the quick turnaround, enabling them to purchase the equipment needed through quick approval and simple paperwork.
The management team described their overall experience with Johnson Reed as a very positive one, “We were taken care of very well.”
You can take a look at our gallery of My Cookie Dough images below.