From Pizzas to Chip Shops

Johnson Reed
1m read

When it comes to fast food, here at Johnson Reed the office is split between fish and chips, or pizza. Fortunately, our latest client – Hull’s based Bella Pizza – has a long 15 year history in making some of the best pizzas in Hull, and are now expanding into the fish and chip market by opening a fish and chip shop next door.

We were approached by them to help get equipment finance for a brand new frying range, on a tax-efficient lease. We were able to acquire £30,000 for a frying range and associated catering equipment, with a 10% upfront deposit and the balance over a 36 month period.

As with all of our leasing deals, Bella Pizza will known upfront how much they must pay over the finance period, with no surprise payments, and flexible end-of-lease options. They will also benefit from using operational expenditure to pay for the equipment rather than capital expenditure, meaning they can write off the total amount against their tax bill.