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Looking for a catering finance provider that knows your sector inside out? Johnson Reed is a CESA-approved specialist in the area of catering equipment leasing and finance, having operated in this sector since 2005.

Over the past 12 months we have seen huge growth in the catering sector. This is no doubt due to the restrictions and lack of understanding of banks when it comes to lending money to new start-ups for their much-needed equipment.

We supply to all types of catering businesses including: restaurants, pubs and bars, fast food outlets, hotels, food franchises and food processing/manufacturing facilities. Whether you are a company or and catering supplier our flexible financial services can support you throughout your business journey.


Is poor gym equipment limiting your business potential?

There’s more than one sort of weight to bear as a gym owner. Maintenance or fit-out costs, scheduling, training new staff members… There’s a lot to think about. We can comfortably place gym equipment in there too – it’s among the main reasons why clients get a...

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Case studies

A superstar opening for The Real Jerk UK

After the success of his brother’s chicken restaurant in Toronto, The Real Jerk, Rodney Campbell wanted to set up another venue in London. The prospect of catering equipment leasing, however, was closed off – until Johnson Reed showed the way through… The Real Jerk...

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