New kitchen ovens add some heat to Dantes

Johnson Reed
1m read

When you think of the word Dantes, you might automatically associate it with the word inferno – the famous journey of Dante Alighieri through hell, guided by the Roman poet Virgil. This couldn’t be further from the truth though in describing Dantes at the Halfway House. The only way you could possibly connect this Mediterranean-themed restaurant with hell, is by thinking of the heat generated by new combi ovens they recently fitted, courtesy of Johnson Reed.

Dantes restaurant is located near Chorley, Lancashire, and they wanted to promote their fine dining reputation, as well as branching out with a new Kids Pizza Factory concept, so we advanced £16,000 over a three-year repayment period to enable them to keep bang up-to-date with new kit from the Southport-based Kitchen Equipment Company.

Because we are specialists in the hospitality and catering finance sectors, we were able to point the Dantes owners in the right direction for suppliers to expedite a fast, straightforward deal that would maximise tax advantages for the client, as well as explaining them on behalf of the suppliers who were kind enough to give us yet another worthwhile referral.

Dantes pride themselves on classic Italian cuisine, offered in an elegant and contemporary environment. They only use the finest produce for their clientele, so it was only natural to turn to Johnson Reed for the finest advice and funding for some new top quality kitchen equipment.