Johnson Reed And Wahu Are Helping Change The Way You Eat

Johnson Reed
1m read

In Spinningfields, Manchester there is a brand new dining experience that is expected to revolutionize the way you eat your meals. Wahu is an express food bar that wants you to design your own wholesome quality fresh meals to eat in or take away.

The concept was thought up by young entrepreneur Jamie Barr, who explains: “After I noticed a gap in the market for healthy food on the go, Wahu was born.” You choose the ‘base’ of salad, white or brown rice and then add ‘protein’ that includes haloumi, beef, lamb or salmon and finally your favorite dressing.

Carroll Design, who was the team behind the award winning San Carlo, designed the 98-seated venue. This was a massive undertaking and because of the costs involved Johnson Reed was asked to provide the funds to help the cash flow for the end of the project. We ended up giving a great deal to fund the £9,880 needed.

Wahu is already a success and being loved by customers that are interested in maintaining a healthy and busy lifestyle in the centre of Manchester. We hope to see many more Wahu restaurants opening throughout the country and look forward to helping Jamie Barr open more in the future.

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