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Job well done for Littleport Steakhouse

Job well done for Littleport SteakhouseSome of our clients are rather coy about disclosing information relating to their dealings with Johnson Reed. Here’s a case in point. Littleport Steakhouse is a restaurant for which we arranged a catering leasing deal worth around £13,000 for various items of equipment. But we can’t tell you very much about the equipment or who supplied it, nor can we tell you very much about the establishment itself, because we’re not privy to that information.

What we do know is that we were able to provide them with reliable equipment from a trusted supplier. This meant that, as a new-start business, they could begin trading immediately the kit was in place, without the hassle of approaching banks and the inevitable long waits for answers.

So where’s Littleport, we hear you ask. Well, Littleport is the largest village in East Cambrideshire, approximately six miles north of Ely. It lies on the Bedford Level South section of the Great Ouse river and (this is where it gets really interesting) the Littleport riots of 1816 were a factor in Parliament passing the Vagrancy Act of 1824. So now you know a little about Littleport.

One final thing. Through the diligence of our research department, we were able to find a picture of their van, via the website of the company that did their signage. So now we’re able to deduce that their menu includes pizza, panini and exotic meats. But what about the steaks? We await more information with bated breath.

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0 Responses to "Job well done for Littleport Steakhouse"

  • Alex
    May 24, 2012 - 3:00 pm Reply

    Kudos to the team at Johnson Reed on a job well done! It sounds like a celebratory steak is in order…

    Best wishes, Alex.

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