Hazel’s Off-License Are Offering More Than The Competition With Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
1m read

Hazel’s Off-licence is a local family run business in the heart of Failsworth, Manchester.

Wanting to offer more than the competition and create more customer choice they decided to upgrade the coffee machine in the shop.

Their supplier referred us to finance this small deal that needed a quick turnaround so they can start generating income right away.

With only basic information requested we were able to give them financing for £1,800 over a three year period with no deposit needed, allowing them to keep their hard earned capital.

They were very happy with our fast turnaround and the quality of service and are now offering top quality hot drinks. If you would like to nip in for a coffee or something stronger please visit them at the corner of 201 Ashton Road East, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9PP.