Edwards Bar and Dining Ltd expand with Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
1m read

Edwards Bar and Dining Ltd is run by experienced restaurateurs that wanted to expand into a new marketplace with a prime location in the centre of Worcester.

With a desire to create a relaxed environment where people can get food and drink in elegant surroundings, they planned to get a bespoke the front bar for their new business to give more to their potential customers and beat the local competition.

Oldham’s restaurant interior specialists, Dawenvale Café Components, were chosen to create the front bar. Who in turn recommended us at Johnson Reed to provide Edwards Bar and Dining Ltd with a trusted advisor to help them with the financing.

Being catering industry specialists, we could offer them a deal that meant they didn’t have to charge anything to their property and still benefit from all the tax advantages. We provided a speedy turnaround that was needed to get this business started with a fixed payment deal of a £18000 over three years.

With the new business up and running and surly to be a success. We are happy to say that our financing has helped them fulfill their vision and hope they continue to grow and prosper into the future.