My Cookie Dough is on-the-go with Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
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Brand new, on-the-go desert brand My Cookie Dough has opened its first site at St. David’s shopping centre in Cardiff. The business offers their freshly baked cookie dough with a choice of toppings that are made order, along with fresh milkshakes made with ice cream and much more.
Their open plan layout means the customers can watch their products being made and have the unique option to collect loyalty points by the use of the fingerprint scanner.
To reach their dream of this new shop they knew they needed to get fitted out with a new kiosk, advertising displays, and the best catering and food preparation equipment, including an oven, freezer, blender, fridge, chillier, and cabinets to promote their brand and rise above the competition.
Knowing that Johnson Reed are the catering and restaurant specialists, they contacted to us directly to help get financing for this franchise. We offered them a great deal on the diverse range of kit needed and the best part was they got to keep their capital while being able to use all the equipment straight away.
The site opened on time and is very popular by the good people of Cardiff. My Cookie Dough has stated that if their success continues to grow there are plans for a nationwide rollout of the band, including five more outlets opening during 2015 and franchising opportunities soon to be offered.
My Cookie Dough told us:

We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with Johnson Reed. The process has been very smooth – and it is clear that Johnson Reed are an efficient team of industry experts. We are very pleased with the quality of the outlet and appliances within, which keep our operation running efficiently. Preparations have begun for the second opening anticipated in May 2015, this is part of a larger rollout plan aiming to achieve a nationwide expansion within an 18 month period.

If you want to find out more about My Cookie Dough, please visit them on Twitter or Facebook.