Catering could owe its reputation to excellent equipment

Johnson Reed
1m read

A recent review of the Kings Head at Yoxford near Saxmundham, Suffolk, said,

“Great choice of food, very good quality and value. We visited on a Friday night and there were about 16 of us. Somehow the chef managed to bring our menu choices out all together, that must have taken some doing. The food was piping hot, well presented and very tasty. Highly recommended.”

Well we at Johnson Reed know how he managed it. Obviously he must be a very good chef, but the excellent service is more than likely to do with the fact that we have just funded some new catering equipment for the pub, to the tune of £13,655 over a 36-month contract.

The kit was supplied by Brakes Catering Equipment, a company that specialises in catering equipment and supplies to restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, professional chefs, commercial kitchens and caterers. Replacing commercial kitchen goods such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers and ovens on a regular basis is essential to providing a good service, as well as improving internal operations and becoming more efficient, to which the Kings Head is obvious testimony.

We are specialists in the restaurant sector, and we confidently tell our clients that we can source the right kit, at the right price, quickly and efficiently, with only the minimum of administration needed. That’s why so many clients in the catering and hospitality business come back to us time and time again for catering finance. Cheers!