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Award-winning printing sector company Anilox Laser Technology (ALT), a major supplier for the coating, engraving and printing of everyday products such as drinks cans, plastic bags and food packaging has invested in the future of the business with a new plasma spray facility and blast facility. This allows ALT to bring every stage of the … Read more

RJT Structures, established in 2010 is a Steelworks and Fabrication company based in Shipley, Bradford. Director Richard Taylor and his team specialise in metal and steel preparation, fabrication and welding for the construction industry.
Understanding that preparation is key to doing the work, Richard knew keeping the back office IT solutions up-to-date was integral to providing the quickest and most efficient services for their clients.

It’s good to be the King. At least that’s what Mel Brooks coined, in the first part of his film History of the World.

For many people, commuting to their office can be a chore. Many dream of being able to miss out the traffic, or better still, work from home. The lucky few who do usually count their blessings!

If you’re a company specialising in steel erections and you’re looking for a construction finance deal, come to Johnson Reed and you’ll find that we’ll rise to the occasion. That’s what we did recently for a construction firm in the Midlands. When it does get the funding it needs, the construction industry moves quickly and, … Read more

When we were approached by a client to develop 4 houses in the glorious seaside village of Nefyn in North Wales we knew we had a challenge on our hands. Why you may ask? Well we had an excellent client, a great location and a well funded and structured deal but the site was in … Read more

We recently conducted a small lease funding exercise for a Bristol-based consultancy, specialising in the construction sector. They are a firm founded by construction professionals with wide-ranging experience in development of large contracts and master plan schemes. Their focus is on delivering projects that are viable from a funding perspective. So in effect, they are … Read more

Even though we only awarded funding of £3,110 to a Croydon-based housing management company for the purchase of a new boiler system, we still treated the project with a sense of urgency. That’s an aspect of the Johnson Reed service that many people have complemented us about in the past. East Grove Properties came to … Read more