Rida UK is a London-based company specialising in the construction of photography sets. It’s a business that demands plenty of space. You need to be able to accommodate large things like vehicles, or build complete rooms for instance. And when the photographers’ models turn up, the premises need to be well heated. This was Rida’s … Read more

We had a feeling that we were backing a winner recently when we arranged camera finance for some kit for a local photographer. Based on the outskirts of Manchester, James Russell Photography specialises in creating eye-catching commercial imagery. Working right across the North West, he crafts unique bespoke photographs for use in the PR, corporate, … Read more

We deal a lot with new clients who we’ve had no contact with before, so it’s especially nice to be able to work with someone we already know. That’s why when we were approached by James of James Russell Photography – the photographer who took photos of our staff and building – we were eager … Read more