Case Study: Johnson Reed Finance new Camera Equipment for James Russell Photography

Johnson Reed
2m read

We deal a lot with new clients who we’ve had no contact with before, so it’s especially nice to be able to work with someone we already know. That’s why when we were approached by James of James Russell Photography – the photographer who took photos of our staff and building – we were eager to help.

James asked us to help finance a new 2006 Hasselblad H3D digital camera with a 80 mill lens and CF adaptor to replace his aging camera equipment. We obliged with a deal for £4,600 worth of camera leasing over a 24 month period of finance, requiring no deposit upfront.

We’re happy to say such a small deal was turned around very quickly with simple paperwork on James’ part. James was kind enough to give us this quote:

I had great service from Johnson Reed, I would definitely use you again and most certainly recommend you to my fellow professionals!

Here at Johnson Reed, our camera equipment leasing is ideal for this type of expensive equipment. Rather than the outlay to buy this camera outright, James is ensuring he can get the best quality camera at very affordable monthly costs, allowing him to use his working capital in more profitable ways. He is essentially paying as he uses the camera, and when he wants to upgrade the equipment to get the next camera in a few years time, he can do so.

You can take a look at some of James’ work while he was at Johnson Reed below: