Photographic company warms to Johnson Reed offer

Johnson Reed
1m read

Rida UK is a London-based company specialising in the construction of photography sets. It’s a business that demands plenty of space. You need to be able to accommodate large things like vehicles, or build complete rooms for instance. And when the photographers’ models turn up, the premises need to be well heated.

This was Rida’s problem with the development of a new warehouse facility in the heart of London – they needed efficient heating equipment for which they required finance. Many lenders don’t like financing heater units, but for Johnson Reed it’s no problem. We duly forked out £8,845 over 36 months for a new free-blowing warm air system, which is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating large commercial buildings. The kit was supplied by Harry Taylor, a company that designs and installs heating solutions and evaporative cooling systems, using high-end energy-efficient products.

A Rida spokesperson told us:

I’m delighted that, with the help of Johnson Reed, our staff can move into the new premises and be warm. With the new location there have been many expenses and it’s nice to be able to spread some of the cost.

Johnson Reed supply finance for many camera, film studio and photographic companies – in this case it’s nice to think that photographers will not have to shoot anybody with goose bumps, which are never very attractive.