Warning: Johnson Reed causes motorway holdups

Johnson Reed
2m read

Don’t you just hate it when you’re cruising along a smooth-running stretch of motorway, and you’re suddenly confronted by one of those big yellow trucks displaying a tailboard of large flashing orange lights, configured to move you from three peaceful lanes into one very congested lane?

Well, we’re afraid you’ve got Johnson Reed to blame for that, because we help the transport and traffic sectors, as well as bus and coach sectors, to buy traffic management vehicles like the one here. The customer, Traffic Direct, came to us for finance to purchase the vehicle, supplied by MBV Trucks, over a period of 24 months. Traffic Direct are a privately owned company specialising in traffic management solutions, providing a variety of services from traffic calming and signing, to event management.

By using Johnson Reed for finance, Traffic Management are able to pay for the vehicle while they are using it. The cost is therefore spread over its working life, which may typically be three to five years. It’s a logical way to upgrade their equipment by extending the fleet of traffic management vehicles so that they can fulfill contracts more efficiently. And the lease rental is fully tax-deductible, so that means more working capital at their disposal for putting to use in other more profitable ways. And, in the interests of better roads, we’ve just got to put up with the inevitable tailbacks. For more information on Johnson Reed’s bus, coach and truck finance, please visit our main website.