Why use Johnson Reed as a finance broker?

Johnson Reed
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If you are a business looking to grow and buy new equipment then you have a few options available. You could finance it yourself, but then you can only choose the equipment your working capital affords and using the banks can be a difficult and lengthy procedure. A finance broker, like Johnson Reed, could be the best choice for your business.
With over 15 years of experience leasing to sole traders, restaurants, gyms and many more, we know the industry and our industry-specific advisors can offer you the best unbiased advice, and are always on your side. We look to build long-term relationships with our clients.
We are bringing back “common sense” underwriting and have a 92% acceptance rate, meaning we can help dozens of businesses every month.
Maybe you are looking for furnishings, equipment and training for your staff from more than one supplier. Well with Johnson Reed as your finance broker we can create split deal where you can have one point of contact and a single fixed payment finance deal.
If you would like discuss why Johnson Reed should be your finance broker then please get call us on 0161 429 6949 or visit https://www.johnsonreed.co.uk.