What type of finance am I looking for?

Johnson Reed
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Outsourcing finance for your business can be a daunting prospect – especially with the overwhelming range of products on the market.

Whether your business is looking to purchase new assets, upgrade equipment or requires a cash injection for another purpose, Johnson Reed’s lease, loan and asset finance facilities provide a one-stop shop.

Here’s the what/why/how breakdown and key features of each of our facilities:

Quirky Kit Lease

  • Facility Type: Lease Rental
  • Available Terms: 2-5 Years
  • Off Balance Sheet
  • Set-Up Fee: ~£150
  • For: ‘Non-traditional’ equipment with little or no residual value

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What: Traditional lenders will often neglect proposals for equipment of this nature, but if the equipment is valuable and mission-critical to your business, that’s good enough for us! Whether it’s soft play equipment, bespoke furnishings or specialist software, our trademark ‘Quirky Kit Finance’ has got you covered.

Why: Spread the cost of your purchase/s through a series of tax-efficient repayments over a fixed term of two to five years. Grow your business with the equipment you need, whilst putting capital to use in more proactive areas of the business, like marketing or expanding your workforce, for example. Treat repayments as an operational expense and offset these against tax savings, generating a more immediate return on investment.

Hard/Traditional Asset Finance

  • Facility Type: Hire Purchase
  • AvailableTerms: 2-5 Years
  • On Balance Sheet
  • Set-Up Fee: ~£150
  • For: Commercial vehicles and ‘heavy’ assets

What: Replacing or buying new commercial vehicles and ‘heavy’ assets can be an incredibly costly operation for businesses. These assets are usually more popular amongst traditional lenders due to their evident residual value and funding can be secured against the asset. Having sourced finance for assets of this nature for over 15 years, Johnson Reed know exactly where to place your proposal to secure the best rates and terms for your business.

Why: Hire purchase allows you to break the cost down into more manageable instalments rather than acquiring the assets via capital purchase and prohibiting cash flow. Your agreement can be tailored to include any ongoing maintenance and you can budget with confidence, rest assured that payment dates and amounts are fixed at the beginning of the agreement.

Unsecured Loan

  • Facility Type: Unsecured Loan
  • Available Terms: 3 Months – 3 Years
  • On Balance Sheet
  • Set-Up Fee: ~£150
  • For: Almost anything else!

What: Often businesses require finance beyond the capabilities of equipment leasing, whether to fund project or growth costs, or to simply improve liquidity. Our unsecured loan facilities can be used for almost any purpose within your business and arranged over terms of just three months and up to three years, depending on functionality.

Why: Whether you’re looking to offset an upcoming VAT or tax bill, invest in growth or simply provide a quick cash injection, our loan facilities offer maximum flexibility. Our experts will assess the purpose behind your application and advise on the best terms and course of action accordingly. Whatever your plans for the business, you can act immediately and approach the outlay with a cash flow friendly plan.

Regardless of which facility you’re looking for, our approval time and application processes are all similar and we can move quickly in accordance with your deadlines. Get in touch on 0161 429 6949 to discuss your requirements in greater detail and receive a no-obligations quote.