Our guide to the leasing and loan process

Johnson Reed
2m read
Guide to leasing and loans

Whether you’re starting your business from new, growing your existing business to make improvements, or expanding to a new site, we’re with you on your finance journey, and we can support your goals.

Leasing? Buying assets? Need a business loan? Your bank won’t lend because of what you’re buying? Here’s where we come in. We can help support any of these business goals, using our common sense approach, of course.

It doesn’t matter if you know what you need or not, it’s time to call our team at Johnson Reed. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes, across different sectors and at all stages of their growth, and can recommend the best solution for your business.

Once we know where you’re at, what you need and how to proceed, we will identify the cheapest lender and guarantee you the best rates, as we know that matters to you and your business.

This is the easy bit. Sort all your docs, bank statements and IDs, then we can move on to the fun stuff.

As I said, now we secure your finance agreement, ready for you to launch your business, or just keep it improving, whatever you need it for.

Once that’s all secured, you complete the agreement and receive your equipment, or your cash flow loan, and can start making your monthly payments.

The most exciting bit. We love helping our clients expand even further. Be that a new site, a bigger site, more of one thing or a better version of something else. We’ve got you covered, and we know your business.

So. Give us a call, trust the common sense lender, and start again.

Simple, right?