Kick-start your marketing plans with alternative finance

Johnson Reed
2m read

It’s a new year, and your business gets to turn over a fresh leaf. By now, you’re probably in the midst of a marketing strategy – but how financially viable is it?

A loan might help. Alternative finance can be used for much more than tools, equipment and plugging cash flow gaps. Branding can benefit too. When it comes to marketing finance, a short-term loan can really aid your communications.

Let’s take a closer look….

Make your voice louder and better

Every business wants to grow. Some, however, find this will occur with a physical investment – some form of tangible capital like equipment, machinery or vehicles.

For others, it’s an issue of recognition. You may have what you need to deliver a service or product, but you might not be as well-known for it as you’d like to be. If you’ve hit a brick wall with your current marketing assets – your website, for example, or any flyers, leaflets and posters – they could be due a refresh.

But moving to the next level of recognition is expensive. You could hire a new web designer, consult a brand strategist, or order a number of printed flyers for your local area. Either way, good marketing comes at a price. Yet sometimes, that investment is necessary because you won’t expand your reach without it.

This is prime ground for marketing finance, especially in today’s world of alternative, short-term lending.

Marketing finance can pay for itself

Like most investments in your business, a promotional push (when done right) will result in more sales. When these accrue, you can pay back the loan. This makes the repayment schedule – which, with alternative agreements, typically ranges from weeks to several months – more achievable.

Whether you’re buying marketing collateral, back-end development or pay-per-click advertising, the result is the same. Purchase more ad space, and you’ll get more revenue when people check out your business for the first time. Retarget old email subscribers with an offer, and a healthy percentage of them will respond. Put a logo and tagline on your company fleet, and it’ll generate enquiries. Therefore, the price of the loan is covered – and then some – by the extra cash you’re bringing in.

You probably know what you think you can afford going into a new year. But it’s worth thinking again, with marketing finance to support you. And equally, if you’re yet to form a strategy, the sky’s the limit with a little cash injection.

By speaking to Johnson Reed, you’ll get access to dozens of alternative lending partners, each of whom are ready to help you amplify what’s possible with your marketing and get you reaching as wide an audience as you can.