JR’s Guidance to our Financial Services

Johnson Reed
2m read

Whether you’re a new start embarking on an exciting new business venture, or a long-term supplier offering finance as an alternative, we at Johnson Reed aim to help every business with their finance requirements. Here’s JR’s Guidance to our Financial Services.



Being able to offer finance is a valuable sales tool and protective measure for credit control. It is also a great value add for the businesses you are selling to, as there are various reasons why your customers will want and need to use a simple way to spread the cost of your product.

Take a look at the main reasons why offering a finance package for your products is so important, and how you can access this with Johnson Reed.

By becoming one of our ‘Raving Fans‘, joining our list of suppliers offering finance with our support across the spectrum, such as with legal guidance, marketing and competitive rates.

Watch our 5 reasons why you should offer finance video:



Leasing? Buying assets? Need a business loan? Your bank won’t lend because of what you’re buying? Here’s where we come in. We can help support any of these business goals, using our common sense approach, of course.

It doesn’t matter if you know what you need or not, it’s time to call our team at Johnson Reed. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes, across different sectors and at all stages of their growth, and can recommend the best solution for your business.

Once we know where you’re at, what you need and how to proceed, we will identify the cheapest lender and guarantee you the best rates, as we know that matters to you and your business.

We love helping our clients expand even further. Be that a new site, a bigger site, more of one thing or a better version of something else. We’ve got you covered, and we know your business.

Watch our guide to the leasing or loan process here.