JR’s commitment to Green Finance

Johnson Reed
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JR's commitment to Green Finance

Green finance has become a crucial aspect of modern business operations. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of sustainability and taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. At Johnson Reed, we are thrilled to retain our commitment to utilizing green finance to fund environmentally sustainable projects.

We have been providing finance solutions to businesses for over a decade, including asset finance, commercial loans, and business lease agreements. With the rise of environmental concerns, we have taken the initiative to incorporate sustainability into our business operations.

Our commitment to green finance means that it will provide funding for projects that promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. Such projects include the installation of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal systems. Additionally, supporting businesses that invest in energy-efficient equipment and sustainable infrastructure.

We aim to contribute to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. We recognize that businesses have a significant role to play in addressing environmental issues, and it is committed to supporting sustainable projects that benefit both the environment and the economy. Did you know that since 1988, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gases?

In addition to our green finance initiatives, we have also taken some internal steps to reduce our own environmental impact. Internally, we have implemented a range of measures to reduce energy consumption, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and appliances and promoting sustainable transportation options for those in the office.

Overall, we urge all businesses to follow suit and take steps to reduce their environmental impact while supporting sustainable business practices. By providing funding for environmentally sustainable projects.

If your business is involved in environmentally sustainable projects, and you are looking for funding then click here to find out how we can support!