How to kick start 2023!

Johnson Reed
3m read
how to kick start 2023

With the New Year firmly underway, it can be a stressful time for business owners across the country wanting to hit the ground running and start the New Year off with a bang. 2023 will inspire new ideas, new energy and new excitement for growth opportunities, and it is important you start as you mean to go on.

Here are 4 ways we believe you can have the best possible start to 2023:


Learn from last year

The past is the past, but the last 365 days can be your most effective tool to have a killer start for the next 12 months. Evaluate what went well but also what didn’t. What are the biggest takeaways in terms of mistakes you made but also your greatest successes? Build upon your good points and enhance these into the New Year, then look hard at your mistakes and think how you can fix these and turn these into your good points for the upcoming year. Sometimes you have to take one step back to move two steps forward.


Focus on the future

After looking at the past, now it’s time to look towards future. One thing to note is that we are living in a time where external factors are more prominent than ever with uncertainty in the economy. Forecasts and planning will be your best friend and it is important any projects or expansions you have are backed with the upmost certainty.  Keeping hold of your cash for as long as possible is the most watertight measure you can take to maintain certainty and contribute to the business’ contingency plan.

We have plenty of resources to give you more information on ways you can follow through with these projects, whilst also maintaining money in your business for a longer period of time.


Create some noise

The market is incredibly saturated at the moment, so differentiating your business should be something that is focused on. Forming a buzz around your company through the use of different marketing channels is a great way to connect with your customer base. If you haven’t already, posting regular content on the big 3 social medias (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is a great way to raise brand awareness and connect with both customers and likeminded owners. It can be used to promote special deals and is the optimal way to share company updates with those that need to hear it.


Plan your budget

Possibly the most crucial bit of advice in this list. Without efficiently planning your budgets, you could be left in some real trouble. Forecasting and monitoring your outgoings must be number one priority to start the year off right. Make sure to factor in any plans you have for expansion or upcoming projects, minimizing large upfront payments as much as you can could be paramount to keeping your business afloat, especially in the previously mentioned uncertain times. Don’t forget to include tax for your equipment you own as this will also contribute to outgoings for the business.


To summarise

We have every faith that this year will be great for you, but we can’t sit on our knowledge and not share just how beneficial finance could be to your business this year. From holding onto cash in the business, to the ease of planning budgets, all whilst being able to gain from the tax-deductible benefits that acquiring finance for equipment can provide.

If you think finance options could be of use to you and your business, why not explore our options here.

If not, we wish you the best of luck for the next 12 months!