Flexi Loans: what are they and how can I use them?

Johnson Reed
3m read

As a business, you have to stay flexible. Who knows what your market will look like in the future, and what customers or clients will be asking for? To meet opportunity head-on, you have to be ready for anything. And that’s exactly what Johnson Reed’s Flexi Loans are for – they’re there for you to mould to your common-sense business plan.

We’d like to introduce you to the Flexi Loan concept, which can beat traditional forms of lending to the punch for a short-term cash injection.

So, here’s a summary of what they mean for your business, and how you may use the money…

Freer financial access

Flexi Loans give you anywhere from a few thousand pounds to £500,000 in funds for your enterprise. When you want fast approval or to get a quick cash influx to sustain your cash flow, our unsecured business loans are the solution.

Equally, if you want to sidestep bank involvement (whether because credit checks are holding you back or you’re concerned about effects on your existing bank facilities), we’ll look at every aspect of what you’re able to afford. Our clients have a far more open route to the finances they need.

In today’s lending climate, that’s a welcome offer – most mainstream lenders are very careful about who they approve. Johnson Reed’s lending pool is different. The Flexi Loan is designed to be practical, and considerate of what you want to achieve. Once signed off, it may hit your account within 2-24 hours.

Fixed repayments on your timetable

The debt cycle is planned in advance. It could be several months or two to five years – whatever you’re comfortable with. We’ll draft a fixed repayment schedule that you’re genuinely able to keep up with, with a minimum term of three months.

Throughout the Flexi Loan period, we’ll stay in touch, advising how to budget and make the best gains from your cash. By doing so, we ensure that debt never spirals and drags your brand down.

How might a Flexi Loan work for you?

As the name implies, we’re open to any idea – the exact purpose of the Flexi loan can mutate from client to client. Yet here are some of the most common applications…

  • Paying a tax or VAT bill: It’s easy to forget about or underestimate tax obligations. When Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax or VAT seems to be untenable, a Flexi Loan can pay it off and make the debt easier to manage.
  • Expansion costs: You know that, as soon as it unfurls, the plan is going to make you so much more profitable. But a little help is all you require… Which is exactly what a Flexi loan can provide – whether you need venue, equipment, manufacturing or added payroll finance in order to grow.
  • Product development: So far, the concept has remained just that – a concept. The time may have come for the real thing to be produced. Over the years, we’ve funded some incredible development strategies, fast-tracking an idea to market.

Because the Flexi Loan lives up to its name, the application can take almost any form; all it relies on is a good conversation between us, you, and the lenders we’ll bring on board. Rest assured, though: it’s much quicker and more accessible than you’ll get elsewhere, from a traditional lending partner.

Speak to us to discuss Flexi Loans or any of our other alternative finance solutions.