Could an investment in technology lift your gym to new levels?

Johnson Reed
2m read

The UK fitness market is worth around £5 billion. Competition is rife and brands can’t afford to sit still. Members have never been more conscious of how they can train, develop and lose weight through technology at the gym. If you embrace this, your member base will grow.

It’s a simple strategy, but chasing traditional finance from a bank can hold you back. Alternative leasing, however, frees those constraints and allows you to amplify the possible. So what might these new technologies be?

Muscle and fat analytics

Scales can do so much more than simply give a weight reading. Precise percentiles of fat, muscle and BMI give users a deeper view of their health. Members are coming to expect at least one or two ‘smart scales’ in their fitness centres. They can pay for the privilege too; many services cost a small amount (£1 for instance) to give a measurement.

Virtual reality workouts

At first, it sounds counterintuitive – why would anyone play a VR game inside a gym, when they could easily do so at home? But the answer is twofold: the expense, and motivation. VR is still expensive by individual standards. Gyms are a place for people to try out the latest in immersive fitness games, such as running, racing or swimming through virtual environments. It makes going to the gym much more engaging for those who find usual workouts boring and repetitive.

Intelligent training mats

To exercise effectively, members need a good posture. New groundbreaking training mats have been created in response. They use texture to train the body. When movements land on one texture or another, your members’ spatial awareness is increased and impacts are softened. These mats are excellent for yoga, free weights and Pilates.

Personal trainer apps

Customisation is important. Your clients may want to change a booking in an instant, with a flexible calendar that syncs with an array of personal trainers. Integrating within an app – or developing one yourself – brings speed and convenience.

TRX facilities

It’s one of the hottest trends in the fitness world – and for good reason. TRX uses suspension to build cardio and muscle mass, taken from Navy Seal exercises. After conquering gyms in North America, it’s gaining traction in the UK’s commercial fitness market. TRX kits can take the form of a few suspended bands or more elaborate frames and structures, but they’re an excellent tool that anyone can use.

Technology really can be a game changer in the fitness sector. Common-sense leasing delivers tax savings and the forward-thinking status your gym needs to meet its business potential. Johnson Reed can lead you to several alternative finance products, from lenders who know your industry. Speak to us for more details.