Choosing the best way to find Financing

Johnson Reed
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“Compared to previous quarters, approved borrowing [from Banks] overall was lower [for SMEs] in the final quarter [4TH Quarter 2014]” – BBA 26th Feb 2015
“The equipment leasing segment [for SMEs] saw a moderate increase of 1.0% in 2014” – Leaseurope 27th March 2015
“New fund launched offering billions to SMEs” – 11th May 2015
When trying to find out the best way to fund your businesses expansion it can be difficult to work out the best way to get funding, often articles and reports can be contradictory and confusing. Even though headlines are saying that more money is being offered to SMEs through traditional banks, it can still be difficult to get quick and reasonable funding options.
Keeping ahead of your competition often means responding quickly to customer changes and making sure you have the most up-to-date equipment or changing your business décor. A quicker, simpler and more personal experience can be had from choosing a leasing option with Johnson Reed.
Here are some reasons why Johnson Reed leasing could be the perfect choice for your business.

  1. Johnson Reed has a personal approachIf you choose financing with Johnson Reed you will have one point of contact that is a specific industry specialist, be it catering, IT, sole trader or more, that can give you advice on making the most of your financing. We focus on building a consistent, long-term relationship with our clients.
  2. More than just equipment leasingLeasing from Johnson Reed doesn’t just means you can afford the best quality equipment for your business. You can also benefit of new equipment by simply upgrading or extending its current use and one rental can include all the equipment and the cost of installation, training and maintenance.
  3. Don’t be held hostage by your working capitalWe offer fixed monthly repayments that don’t affect your company’s cash reserve, won’t affect your any of your existing credit lines, allow you to keep your working capital and offer tax incentives.

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