Cheap as Chips!

Johnson Reed
2m read
Cheap as Chips!

Mother Hubbard’s celebrate Erdington opening with incredible promotion.

We are proud to have a strong relationship with fish and chips giants Mother Hubbard’s as they continue to franchise their business across the UK. Recently, we helped a site in Erdington with finance for a large frying range at their new fish and chip shop.

Fast forward to last weekend and Erdington Mother Hubbard’s was ready for its grand opening! To celebrate this, Mother Hubbard’s were offering the first 1000 customers a 45p, yes 45 pence, fish and chips deal to pay homage to the price of fish and chips when Mother Hubbard’s was founded in 1972.

With the usual cost of a fish and chips meal being £8.75, this discount was a once in a lifetime opportunity (well, twice if you’re counting 1972), and word spread fast. Fish and chip lovers from the local area were queuing as early as 9am to get their fix, with the line being longer than the owners could have ever anticipated!

Although, the hungry customers weren’t left bored by any means as they were entertained by 2 fire eating and breathing performers as they waited for their meal.

Erdington Mother Hubbard’s manager, Chris Thornton, said: “It’s been brilliant. I have calmed down now after being nervous about what was going to happen. It’s turned out really good. We have got 1,000 fish ready and we are over the moon with the response. We have had a lot of customers asking when we are opening in the week”.

All in all, the opening weekend of Erdington Mother Hubbard’s was a great success! Will we see the price of fish and chips ever return to 45p? Probably not… but how good would that be!