Boost your soft play business

Johnson Reed
2m read

It’s been another busy year for the soft play industry, and at Johnson Reed, we’re incredibly proud to have been involved with so many new-start ventures, alongside the numerous projects involving existing operators and our repeat customers in the sector!

As the market becomes more saturated, as operators it’s important to be vigilant and take the time to regularly review your offering to identify any areas for improvement.

Here are just a few ideas to help you boost your business and bring more custom through your doors;

1. Diversify offering

Conduct some research into the local market to identify what you could offer that your competitors currently don’t. Could you broaden your age range by introducing new play features? Offer new activities? Host children’s parties? These are all great ways to introduce new revenue streams to the business, but make sure you can justify any new investment with a healthy return before going ahead (Here’s how!) Remember, leasing new equipment is a great way to spread the cost and generate a more attractive ROI.

2. Shout about it

Make the most of what you’ve already got! Effective marketing doesn’t always require a big budget. Social media profiles are free and a great way to communicate with your followers; provide regular updates, special offers and competitions to encourage participation. Most social platforms now have sophisticated advertising tools that allow you to hone-in on a very targeted audience, ie. parents with young children within a ten-mile radius of your business.

3. Freshen up

Have your facilities begun to look a little tired? With such young clientele, a little wear and tear is to be expected! A little restoration could go a long way to give your play centre a fresh new look and bring customers back through the doors. Don’t forget – our unsecured loan facilities can provide the necessary funds for you to carry out the necessary work and help maintain your cash flow.

4. Read reviews

What better way to improve than listening to feedback from customers who have experienced your offering first hand? This feedback, both good and bad, can be a valuable learning tool and can help shape a better customer experience going forward. Try to take constructive criticism on-board where you can, and don’t forget to invite your reviewers back to experience any changes you’ve made.

5. Healthy choices

Inactivity and obesity amongst children is a prevalent issue in the media, so whilst you’re promoting exercise with your soft play facilities, why not add a fresh and healthy menu to your appeal? The food doesn’t need to be Michelin star to introduce another valuable revenue stream to your business. Keep it simple with a selection of nutritious light bites, and don’t forget a quality coffee machine to appeal to parents!

If Johnson Reed can assist with any of your plans for 2018 or offer any advice, simply get in touch with a member of our specialist team on 0161 429 6959.