As part of a large CEC modernisation programme taking place, facilities at Crewe and Holmes Chapel were the first of the 15 sites to undergo transformation. Crewe Lifestyle Centre combined several existing and services across the area, as well as children’s services, adult day care services, the library and workspace for council employees, all under one roof. The development under Everybody has also allowed for a café facility to be introduced at the site, introducing additional forms of revenue and creating jobs for five more individuals.

This never happened at school when we were kids. Interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, laptops and sound systems? It was just a piece of chalk in our day. These days though it’s a different story, and education authorities are insisting that schools keep abreast of IT developments. They’re also encouraging schools to be more independent with … Read more

We have been working closely with many types of organisations in the public sector, and increasingly we’ve started working with schools to provide new equipment and resources, even in cash-strapped situations. We are ideal to help schools with acquiring new equipment because we can offer operating lease contracts, which means the school can comply with … Read more