No lounging around with Cyrano

Johnson Reed
1m read

Cyrano Ltd are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of sunbeds, collagen beds, and tanning lotions, sporting an extensive range of domestic and commercial sunbeds from the exclusive Hapro Luxura range.

When we were asked to finance 4 sunbeds for Cyrano, we knew our experience in the salon and beauty sector was going to be an asset in helping achieve the capital required. We helped finance the beds – a combined value £28,000 – over a 4 year fixed term, with no upfront deposit required.

The monthly payments and no upfront costs meant the sunbeds could be delivered immediately and start paying for themselves straight away, without requiring a huge outlay in capital expenditure.

We’re delighted to have been able to help Cyrano with their requirements, and this deal is another notch in our collective belts in the hospitality and leisure sectors too. We have over 15 years experience dealing with clients in this industry, and have dedicated account managers who know how to provide custom finance packages for each deal.

Our experience, coupled with the inherent benefits of taking a leasing contract (such as being tax deductible and fixing the price of repayments over a given term), make leasing a much more appealing offer to businesses than more traditional forms of bank lending.

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