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Johnson Reed
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We all know a business needs to make sales to survive; securing a client purchase is key. You can offer them discounts, extra help, free fitting or specific knowledge on the subject but if the buyers cash flow isn’t there you will run into issues.
But don’t worry, that’s where Johnson Reed can help you. Vendors who use financing as a tool can not only successfully gain a sale, but it can increase the amount of equipment purchased and even lead to repeat sales.
You might ask how can promoting the option of financing can do this? Well with Johnson Reed your customers will have the option to order the equipment they need rather than the equipment their current cash flow can afford. You can also mention to them that they can spread the payments over time with fixed cost, tax-deductible monthly payments, which could lead your client to worry less about their budget and buy more equipment sooner.
Having the option to mix your physical products with training and maintenance options together as one financing option can make a sale more straight-forward and affective.
We also offer to one-on-one or group lessons for your team on how to confidently talk about financing as a sales tool, and our vendors receive rewards through our “JR Card Scheme” for bringing more customers into financing.
Financing shouldn’t be used as an afterthought option; it can be an integral tool for vendors, suppliers and manufacturers to make quicker and easier sales to clients.  If you would like to find out more information please call us today or please visit