Drainage Equipment Finance

The drainage sector has changed over the past few years, with new challenges faced by an ever-changing economy, and new changes in the water industry regulations.

So here at Johnson Reed we understand that funding growth in your drainage business can be difficult, especially when banks ask for so much. Keeping pace with technology and regularly upgrading your equipment is vital to sustaining your business, so you need a finance model which will work for you, not for your bank.

Need to finance a new jetter? No problem. Need to locate it inside a van already financed by another company? Works for us. Our specialist team are experts when it comes to leasing, and we have experience in the drainage industry with companies just like yours.

We can provide a leasing package suited to your needs, with a fixed number of repayments over a period to suit your company’s own financial circumstances. We can offer you either finance lease, lease purchase, or hire purchase deals. Best of all we guarantee no surprises – payments are fixed and we make it clear up front what you need to pay.

We will help you get leasing/hire purchase for a wide variety of machinery, including:

  • New and used Machinery
  • Cameras and CCTV
  • Jetters
  • Specialist machines
  • IT and software
  • Tankers

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We work with a number of organisations in the Drainage industry, which we are happy to recommend for more information or references:

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