Case Study

Introducer turned Customer!

Introducer turned customer!

Starting a new business or expanding an existing one can be an expensive undertaking. One of the significant expenses that business owners face is the cost of office space and equipment. For many businesses, getting a professional loan is the only way to make these expenses manageable.

One of the recent examples of how a professional loan can help businesses is the case of Tax Assist in Bedford, UK. Tax Assist is a tax and accounting franchise that has been providing tax and accounting services to small businesses for over 20 years. They had plans to renovate their Bedford office space to improve their service offerings to their clients. However, the cost of the renovation was significant, and they were looking for ways to finance it.

We have a longstanding relationship with Tax assist as they usually act as an introducer for our services, but this time they were the customer! The loan was customized to meet Tax Assist’s specific needs and budget, making it an affordable and convenient financing option. We worked with owner Charlie Walker to understand their requirements and offered them the best possible financing option.

The loan allowed Tax Assist to renovate their office space with new furniture, technology, and improved facilities. This helped them to enhance their service offerings, providing a better experience for their clients. The loan also enabled them to manage their cash flow better, allowing them to focus on their core business activities without worrying about the renovation expenses.

In summary, the professional loan helped Tax Assist to realize their plans for a new office fit-out. With their new facilities, Tax Assist can now serve their clients better and more efficiently. This is an excellent example of how a professional loan can help businesses finance their expansion plans and achieve their growth objectives.

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