Case Study: New Frying Range equipment for Stotesbury’s Fish & Chips

Johnson Reed
2m read

As with all equipment, there comes a time when its age prevents it from operating at the same levels of efficiency as when it was new. This can be a serious problem for a business which is built upon this technology. This was the problem faced by Statesbury’s Fish & Chip Shop on the Isle of Wight. Their frying range equipment needed replacing, but the cost of buying outright a new replacement was very high.

We were contacted by Stotesbury’s accountant Miles Waterman who introduced us to Stotesbury’s, allowing us to eventually help them with their new catering equipment finance needs.

We provided £36,000 worth of catering finance to get a new frying range for the shop, with a 36 month period of finance requiring no deposit, and no charge on the property. The speed of turnaround on the new range of catering equipment meant that Stotesbury’s could get the new frying range installed and operational, demonstrating to their customers their continued commitment to improving their food and service times.

By using equipment leasing rather than buying outright, a company can greatly improve their cashflow and profitability by conserving their working capital, a real issue in today’s business economy. It also allows a business to afford the best quality equipment, rather than cut corners and go for a lower quality system that they can afford upfront. These are just some of the reasons why catering equipment leasing from Johnson Reed is one of the best ways to replace your old equipment without breaking the camel’s back.