Case Study: We don’t mince our words when it comes to finance for caterers

Johnson Reed
1m read

At Johnson Reed, we’re just as interested in helping out with the smaller finance needs of companies as we are with the big boys. A recent example saw a small high street butcher coming to us because he needed some new mincing equipment. We understand the needs of caterers and the food retail sector, as well as knowing where to source the best equipment deals.

For this butcher, we approached the well-established food machinery company, Jason Trade Food Supplies, to secure a new mincing machine to replace the retailer’s existing aged kit. We arranged a small loan of £2,500 over 36 months on a no-deposit basis, without the need for personal guarantees.

Johnson Reed is known for improving the liquidity of companies by purchasing your equipment and leasing it back to you. This means that you get the latest up-to-date equipment. You don’t have the frustration of banks putting you under pressure to reduce your overdraft, you also lessen the down time of costly repairs expense, and you benefit by simply paying for the equipment while using it to spread the cost through its working life.

For this butcher in Stourbridge, all his other catering equipment finance options got the chop when he discovered that Johnson Reed could make mincemeat of any other offers on the table.