Chancellors budget to building the economy back better

During his autumn budget, the Chancellor announced several different governmental spending avenues to ensure a strong economic bounce back after the coronavirus pandemic. In our previous blog post, we spoke about the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) extension until 30th June 2022, however the government has pledged more to businesses to ensure a healthy post pandemic … Read more

Recovery Loan Scheme extended

In his autumn budget announcement, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the Recovery Loan Scheme is set to be extended until 30th June 2022. This is great news for businesses, allowing a longer period of time for each business to apply for the scheme, however some changes to the scheme come into effect on 1st … Read more

There are several different methods to consider when making a business investment or purchase, all of which, of course, have their own pros and cons. Whether you’re at the start-up stages or a growing SME, it’s important to weigh up the different options available to you, and carefully consider your business’ financial position before deciding upon the best course of action.

The Recent release of the Chancellor’s budget for 2016 has us thinking about the impact on small businesses for the coming year. With features such as Business rates, Corporation tax, Capital Gains Tax, Fuel Duty, and Stamp Duty, this no doubt is going to interest and engage the future of small business.
The change to business rates will increase the threshold for claiming small business relief from £6,000 to £15,000 from April 2017. This would indicate that an estimated 600,000 small firms would not have to pay business rate, and then that a further 25,000 will only need to pay reduced rates as of April 2017. Along with the main rate of Corporation tax being reduced to 17% from the current 20% as of 1 April 2020, this is surely good news for SMEs.

On the 8th July, Chancellor George Osborne gave his 7th budget, and his first as part of the majority Conservative government.
In this budget we saw a large number of shakeups, not least in the economy and business portions, as well as in personal tax & pay, and the ongoing battle with our national deficit.