A pressing need for new IT equipment

Johnson Reed
1m read

When you’ve been around for as long as Charlesworth Press, you know that your success in the printing world is reliant upon replacing elderly kit before it’s too late, as well as staying up-to-date with technology to make sure you are maximising your internal operations and efficiencies.

Wakefield-based H Charlesworth was founded by members of the Charlesworth family back in 1928. They established a reputation for printing sport-related material and today they are a leading supplier of typesetting, printing and binding to the publishing industry. Their customers include prestigious names such as The Open University, Oxford University Book Publishing and Connexions, the government’s advice channel for young people.

An important element of their business mix is the design and pre-print facility that involves keeping up-to-date with technology to improve their internal operations and efficiencies. To this end, Johnson Reed recently supplied an IT finance loan over three years to install new iMacs with Adobe and Microsoft software to keep their design department up to speed. Their requirements also included Primo software from Tharstern, a specialist product that comprises a print management suite to integrate job costing, CRM, accounting, back office and user management.

Both the client and the re-sellers know that we are trusted and well-respected advisors, and they are now benefiting from new equipment that needed no deposit and only one point of contact to speed the process up. And when it comes to printing, the whole industry knows that speed is of the essence.