RJ’s Fish & Chips benefits from catering equipment leasing with Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
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In the little village of Sherburn, North Yorkshire, couple John and Rita Worthy are quietly building a little business empire, spanning a local post office, sandwich shop/deli, factory canteen, and now, next in the line of new ventures, a local chip shop!

Known locally for their sandwich shop’s large selection of delicious pies and sandwiches located within the post office, and their service with a smile, the Worthys are no strangers to the food trade.

Mr Worthy also happens to operate a canteen in a local factory site that employs 400 staff, so he himself employs 3 full time staff on site at the cafe.

Around the corner from their convenience shop, Mr Worthy has just purchased a Fish & Chip shop, part of a three bedroom house. Mr Worthy’s grandson Robin will be the resident of the house and will be the lead fryer in the partnership with his grandfather, with John and Rita overseeing things.

We were introduced to the Worthy’s and their new chip shop (named RJ’s, presumably after Rita and John!) by our client Hopkins, a national and well-respected catering equipment supplier, to help provide finance for a 2-pan range of cooking equipment.

We were able to use our own funds on this deal, as the Worthys have a proven track record in business. The leasing for these assets was simple and easy to arrange, and even though the chip shop was a new business, the ownership was the same as the existing businesses.

Needless to say the local village and excited about getting an old-school fish and chip shop, and we’re expecting long queues outside RJ’s in the coming weeks! The sandwhich shop is known for their great buttides, but now the couple can be known for great fish and chips too!