Buoyant fish sales keep the chippy sector afloat

Johnson Reed
2m read

We just love fish and chips at Johnson Reed. And it seems the rest of the nation does as well. A new survey has revealed that 70 per cent of local chippy businesses are stating that turnover is the same as, or increased on, last year.

The survey, conducted by CS Marketing Consultants, shows that despite the current economic climate, the majority of fish and chip shop owners across the UK have been able to increase prices without detriment to their business. Cyril Solomons, MD at CS Marketing Consultants, says of the findings, “The report reflects current conditions of eating out. Expensive meals are being replaced by good value, quality meals and takeaways.” He adds, “Price will always be a significant factor, but in difficult times the focus in this sector needs to be on value for money in the form of a satisfying, quality meal.”

All of which is great news for Johnson Reed because chip shop finance is one of our specialist sectors for equipment leasing. We have a proven track record of securing simple finance solutions for countless clients in catering businesses, so it’s not surprising that so many owner-managed chippies are jumping on the bandwagon at the moment.

We partner with many vendors and suppliers and we can often approve finance for new prospects within the day. All we need is simple, basic information such as name and phone number, and we can start the ball rolling. You could say it’s a case of convenience financing for convenience foods.