Schools In! For leasing

Exciting times ahead! Schools can now acquire equipment through lease finance! We’re thrilled to introduce new accounting rules that open up leasing options tailored specifically for local authority-funded schools. Leasing isn’t just a game-changer; it’s the key to unlocking the equipment and facilities needed to deliver top-notch education. Thanks to the Department for Education’s (DfE) … Read more

Gateshead Talmudical College, located in Gateshead, is considered one of the most prestigious advanced yeshivas in the Jewish Orthodox world, so it was an privilege to be able to work with them to provide new Catering equipment leasing. Needing to replace old ovens which provided the meals at the College, we were asked to provide … Read more

Established fitness management company European Corporate Wellbeing (ECW) have been commissioned to develop, manage and operate a new state-of-the-art sports facility at Bournville College, in Longbridge. Under a joint venture arrangement ECW will extend these facilities to both students and private memberships. Established in 2005, ECW is a specialist fitness management company providing health & … Read more